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KLiN Buffing King

KL!N Buffing King

This is the latest version Buffing King from KLiN, boasting a total 1000GSM. Thickness, softness, and durability that will be rivaled by no other brand in this segment...because the segment does not exist until this revision of a previously popular offering. The GSM number is used only for the end user to gauge where this towel falls in the lineup, the respect is earned when these hit paint.

Ultra soft to the touch, and adapted to be the thickest solution for polish removal on terribly soft paint. At home for use with quick detailer, or wiping a layer of dust from the dash. Use as a wash towel in regular use, or two for the safest waterless wash a towel can provide.



Arrives pre-washed and air washed, sealed in Contaminent Control System package. The utmost care has been taken in the manufacturing and handling of these products.

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