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KLiN Glass Shine

Streak and lint free glass cleaning. Interior/exterior glass, mirrors and any other reflective surfaces are left with a haze free shine. Use with just water or in conjunction with your favorite glass cleaner. Yellow 30x60cm. Arrives in sealed packaging to eliminate foreign contaminants.


USE:Use 2 Glass Shine towels for best results. (1) apply water or glass cleaner to towel and wipe down the glass surface, (1) dry towel should then be used to wipe down the surface for a clean and clear finish.


CARE: Hand or Machine wash. Neutral detergent ONLY when necessary/warm water/hang dry. Use dryer on LOW HEAT for a short amount of time being sure not to over dry. These towels are very care-specific and will not last or work unless properly cared for each time.

NO FABRIC SOFTENER/BLEACH.Always inspect ANY towel before it comes into contact with a surface, towels with edge stitching may scratch low-hardness surfaces. 


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