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About Us

Founded in 2017, Detail Division is the sole US importer and representative of KLiN Korea, manufacturer of the highest level microfiber products for detailing. We are committed to sourcing high end, highest function products and materials available from around the world.


The Beginning of the Addiction.

My father worked for an auto supply store in Quincy, Massachusetts his whole life. I would go to work with him, 14 hour days + commute into the city, and he was tireless. Six days a week. On Sunday, he would pull his 1988 Corvette out of the garage, take me for a drive around town, and then we would wash & wax it together. He taught me everything that I am truly passionate about; hard work, determination, and pride. Dad is retired now, but he still gets excited talking to me about detailing as the market is so different from his days. The Corvette is parked on an oriental rug and has not moved in years. 13,000 miles on the clock.


While my dad has not moved on, the market has. With the determination and tenacity that my father has given me, I decided to bring the products that I get excited about to the marketplace. The products that are a result of hard work, of determination, of pride. It is an honor to serve people that share the same love for detailing, it's like spending time with my father.


Make Dad proud.



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