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KLiN Plush+

KL!N Plush+ (2-pack)

This is the latest version Plush+ offering from KLiN, boasting what a TRUE 500GSM towel is. Thickness, softness, and durability that will be rivaled by no other brand in this segment. The GSM number is used only for the end user to gauge where this towel falls in the lineup, the respect is earned when these hit paint.

Extra Premium Microfiber 4-sided Ultrasonic Cut Edge Towel. Perfection. Ultra soft to the touch, and THE CHOICE for the discerning professional or enthusiast looking to pamper their vehicle finish. Whether removing polishing residue, removing wax, or a final wipe down from a coating removal or detail spray THIS towel will be your new go-to. 


Arrives pre-washed and air washed, sealed in Contaminent Control System package. The utmost care has been taken in the manufacturing and handling of these products.

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