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The SidioCrate Organization System is a stack-able solution for the at home detailing enthusiast or the professional detailer in need of organization. Polypropylene block copolymer construction that is able to resist temperature fluctuations and carry the load of whatever you need to store. 43 numbered divider slots make it easy to partition your storage to keep things from rattling around and causing breakage in transit.

The most important use for this to me is the ability to store your machine polisher in a labeled container. This hides away all of the parts and tools that accompany the machine so everything stays in one place in a manner that looks professional without the need to use space in a toolbox. I have a big issue with polisher manufacturers flaunting these beautiful containers available to European customers, but America gets a carry bag- IF we're lucky.

Polishing compounds and abrasives can be stored upright, sectioned off by category, and there is still room left for a bit of sand paper and tape. The crates can hold 5" foam polishing pads with the lid closed, keeping airborne contaminants and dust away from your supplies until they are ready to be put to use. Section the pads off by use, so regardless of color or manufacturer, finishing pads are kept together; cutting pads are all in one slot, and your microfiber pads are organized. Create your own system so the right abrasives are always matched with the corresponding pad, a key element when training a helper in the shop. Microfiber storage to keep clean towels in their place without fear of them getting dirty.

The mobile detailer is often lacking organization due to the sheer volume of products and tools needed on the job. You never know what the road has in store for you, so it all has to come with you. You will be amazed at the amount of space these containers can save, how they can organize your chemicals from bouncing around while in transit, and how the dividers can stop product loss due to breakage. Expensive shelving does not transfer over into your home-based shop, but the crates make it easy to access your stock and bring the products inside after a long day to keep from cool temps altering the performance of your products.

In everyday life, these are perfectly suited to store camera equipment. Keep all of your computer cables and random parts in one place. Go to the shooting range with your ammo, first aid kit and hearing protection in a single load out. Store your gym clothes and sneakers in one place and you can even fit a Brazilian Jui Jitsu gi.

I could go on and on about these, but I have seen the vision SIDIO had with their creation, and in a few months of testing a good portion of the first shipment is staying here to add organization to my garage as well as the small parts storage I require for pressure washer accessories.




You will have to pay actual shipping on these. ANY SAVINGS I get by using the UPS account will be refunded to you. They are large boxes, and shipping costs are calculated by volume rather than weight. I never profit from shipping costs. The dead space within this crate can be used to ship other products, and this cannot be factored in to a shipping equation, and this drives up the shipping cost. 

Each crate option includes:

  • Crate 18.5”x12.5”x6.5”
  • Base Matt
  • 2 Snap-in adjustable divider
  • Snap on Lid