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ProLock Extension Cord 25’ 50’

ProLock Extension Cord

A necessary addition to every detailing arsenal is the ability to move, with tools, to the areas you need to get to. A cord with a ground monitor and power indicator gives you fast information if a fuse blows due to heavy electrical demand associated with pressure washers, extractors, etc.


With 80lbs+ force required to pull a locked plug apart, you don't have to worry about wasting time or troubleshooting a situation while working. Heavy duty molded polycarb connectors ensure a durable unit that will last forever, and the continuous ground monitoring makes these OSHA compliant.


Wire is 100% copper. There is zero power loss end to end. And this will be joining my Krānzle Workstation so I can have fast access to the GFI rather than having to walk to an outlet. These cords are 12/3 25’ or 50’ sections designed for 15A 125V. 


Custom print 6-packs available

upon ordering, please specify:


•custom text

•manufacturer will not print foul language (sorry)


•email order number to

•shipping will be charged and is additional. Competitive real rate/not a dime made from shipping ever 

Blue 50’
Green 50’
6 Custom Printed 50’ 12/3 cords
Yellow 50’
Blue 25’

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