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Carbon Collective Platinum Coating Kit

The Carbon Collective Platinum Coating Kitis geared to deliver an ease of install as well as dependable results. The ceramic selections in this kit are what began the notoriety of the brand in the UK all those years ago, and helped propel them to the level of recognition they have today in the industry.

Included in the kit:


What can you expect?

Coverage will depend on the installer, but generally one bottle of Platinum Wheels will handle a set of 18" wheels as directed. Larger wheels should consider another bottle to be on the safe side, and the excess may be used on other parts such as the exhaust system and calipers.

Platinum Paint will easily cover a single vehicle, and may be used on satin or matte finishes along with traditional painted surfaces. This is a very easy coating to work with, and the finish is rewarding, hydrophobic, and makes the vehicle's paint easier to maintain. Perfect for a first ceramic user or a professional looking to deliver roughly 2+ years of protection (with proper maintenance).

For Platinum Glass we recommend 2 coats, the first coat lays down the base, the second coat ensures 100% coverage and residue removal. Water will move off of glass easily and often without the need for wiper blades. Installation requires little know how, simply follow the directions provided on the packaging for a flawless result.

This last product has been mentioned so it will stay fresh in your mind, and it's the use of Panel Prep Cleanser before installation of ceramic on any of your surfaces. The removal of any foreign contaminants and oils is imperative for a proper bond to take place between any surface and a ceramic coating. This is included with the package to literally force you to pay attention to this step as it is the absolute most important step for these (or any) products to live up to their claimed longevity.