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KLiN De Luxe Plush Drying Towel

KL!N De Luxe Premium Plush Drying Towel


The KL!N De Luxe Premium Plush Drying Towel is the plush alternative to the Drying Duo Towel. The focus for this towel is softness. Dealing with the complexities of varying quality of automotive finishes can be a challenge. And while KL!N already makes amazing products, this addresses the need for an ultra soft towel designed for the careful care of the most finicky paint. The kind of paint that you breathe on and you get a fine scratch. The solution is here and NOW.


Measuring 80x50cm, this is more than enough to dry your pride and joy with the absolute last word in quality, keeping your finish perfected without fear. Whether a lay on and pat dry, or gently wiped across the surface, this towel is perfection. The hat gets tipped to EXCEL and KL!N for pioneering this idea and bringing it to life.

Care should be taken of this towel. When washing, always do so by hand with a quality microfiber specific liquid detergent. Line drying is a must to ensure the integrity of construction. The finest products require the finest care.

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