IDROBASE 2L Pump Sprayer

IDROBASE 2L Pump Sprayer

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2L IDROBASE Pump Sprayer


Made for easy chemical dispersion, the IDROBASE Pump Sprayer can spray or foam your desired mixed chemicals onto whatever surface you desire. Spray on a water-less wash, apply PPF, or pretreat grimy areas with the concoction of your choosing.


Made in Italy, chemically resistant, graduated for easy measuring. Pump and foam. You can also remove the foamer by unscrewing the tip and removing the green plastic insert, and just disperse chemical over a greater area than an ordinary sprayer.

Mind your dilution ratios to find the most suitable mixture for treating your specific surfaces. Pressurize by means of pumping. Depress the top trigger with your thumb while holding the solid feeling handle. Simple.


2L Capacity

Italian Made