CARTECT Rust & Iron Remover

CARTECT Rust & Iron Remover

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CARTECT Rust & Iron Remover 500ml

Rust & Iron remover is a pH balanced product and has less smell than other products in this segment. The cleaning power is fantastic on wheels or on paint. Cling to the applied surface is improved with a foaming sprayer which also diminishes fogging, keeping the user from inhaling the product.

Dwell time is minimal, and the change from clear to purple is of the fastest I have tested. Spray on to wheels, allow to dwell, agitate as needed with a KL!N Green Monster towel or any brush, and pressure wash off. The same process works nicely with exhaust systems.

As with any similar product, gloves and breathing precautions are a must. Use in a well ventilated area, taking care to spray only the intended area. Avoid contact with bare skin and eyes.

500 ml Includes trigger

*gallon containers ship UPS Ground ONLY