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Carbon Collective Hydro+


Our Hydro+ Portable Battery Sprayer is the multi-purpose professional sprayer missing from your arsenal.

The No-Pump Sprayer features a powerful, rechargeable Lithium Battery, pressurizing  the sprayer and putting an end to constant pumping, whilst the two sprayer heads can adapt to the task at hand.

The foaming head can apply products efficiently at super low dilution rates, whilst the sprayer head can apply a wide range of cleaners at the spray pattern of your choosing.

Suitable for professionals in any industry due to the Hydro+’s performance, ease of use and durable battery life.

Make your detailing workflow faster and more efficient. The No-Pump sprayer is suitable for pre-wash, decontamination, snow foam, and pH neutral wheel cleaning if you’re on the go, at work or home.

PPF – This product speeds up the application of PPF films, the pre-priming feature prevents the need for constant pumping.

Cleaning and Disinfection – aiding industrial cleaning by utilizing non-flammable cleaners, anti-bacterial cleaners or disinfectants.

Home and Garden – Aiding home cleaning for appliances, kitchens, bathroom and exterior window cleaning.

This product is designed to apply pH neutral products, please do not use to spray Caustic, Acid or strong Alkaline Chemicals. 


  • 1.8L Capacity
  • 2.5 Bar Working Pressure (36PSI)
  • HDPE Construction
  • Integrated Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Quick Pressure Relief System
  • Spray-Lock For Continuous Use
  • Fill Scale For Accurate Measurements


  • 1.8L Portable Battery Sprayer
  • Foaming Head
  • Spray Head
  • USB Charger Cable
  • Measuring Cup

IDEAL / Suitable Products: 

Warning: Do Not Spray Flammable, Acidic or Caustic Liquids INCLUDING Wheel Cleaners

DO NOT USE ANY CLEANER CONTAINING AMMONIA as it DESTROYS the materials used to make this sprayer. PET has a poor resistance to ammonia as it's a polyester and can hydrolyze (break it down).

Please Refer To The Chemical Label Before Filling The Sprayer

*ULTIMUS Snow Foam is shown for display only and is not included

** Being battery operated and under constant pressure when in use, it is advised care is taken in how this is handled in general. Initial full charge of the unit is recommended before use. Appropriate dilution is required, not optional. A thick solution being sprayed through this unit adds additional stress to the motor and pump housing. Misuse and disregard for instructions and handling methods WILL result in a failure. A measuring cup is included and every effort has been made to instruct users as to proper operation methods.

***This sprayer has been tested with Carbon Collective chemicals and solutions only. Proper recommended dilutions are a necessity to ensure a proper flow through the unit. Acidic products should not be used.

****The use of other brands and products is to be done at your own risk. We cannot test or guarantee everything on the market. We sell what works, we test what works and this is what we stand behind.

If you have additional questions or concerns before ordering, please contact info@detail-division.com


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Dominick Delgado
What are you doing!?

I couldn’t use but one word….game changer!! This thing is amazing! I used mine for the first time the other day & man! Al I can say is wow! Definitely worth the money & definitely get yours from Scott at Detail Division! The fact that they are all pressured tested & everything’s good to go, is beyond me! Amazing! I would so buy another lol!

Race gallia
Holy sh!t

The holy grail. This thing is bad a$$. Worth your buck 110%. Can’t even describe how amazing this Sprayer is. Quality is A1. Performance is insane. And easy to use. Thx Scott , for the best of the best !!!

Save your body, buy this now

Trigger sprayers have been the kryptonite of my operations, especially when all the products I frequently use come with one. But for bulk chemicals and products, this is truly a game changer. Pump sprayers are great, air compressor sprayers are better, but a self priming sprayer does it all. This one works with rinse less pre-soak and foaming your favorite wheel cleaner. The quality is unmatched and the price is so worth it. Add one to your arsenal and you will want more.

Hydro PLUS

This sprayer is an excellent tool for foaming the wheels and tires. I used it today for the first time and it saved me a lot of time and effort of not either having to set up a pressure washer or manually pump an IK sprayer. This sprayer is really easy to use and it put out a ton of foam! I’m very satisfied with the performance and I’m not surprised at all. Carbon Collective is quickly becoming one of my favorite product lines in the detail industry. The Hydro PLUS is a game changer for me!!!



User Reviews

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